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The Student Assistance Program (SAP) has been established in schools throughout Pennsylvania with the cooperative support of the Pa. Department of Education, Health and Welfare. SAP Programs provide schools with the means to identify, refer, and support students who are exhibiting behavioral, academic, or attendance issues that put them at risk.

Secondary Schools in Centennial have a team of dedicated school personnel who are trained to assist students, faculty and family members in identifying problems that impact the student's ability to function in school. The team can also offer students and their families resources to assist them in alleviating these problems.

Why would a student be referred to the SAP team?

. Sudden drop in grades
. Frustration over failure to master key grade-level skills
. Withdrawing from friends; no longer spending time with old friends
. Unexplained physical injuries
. Talking about suicide
. Depression
. Defying authority, both at home and at school
. Acting aggressively or acting out
. Lying
. Needing money without an explanation
. Experimenting with drugs or alcohol

Are you concerned about your child's reaction to:

  • Recent death of a loved one
  • porce of parents
  • Family relocation
  • A relationship problem
  • Other traumatic event

Who can make a referral to the SAP team?
Anyone. A parent, teacher, counselor, or peer/friend may make a referral to the SAP team.

How do I make a referral?
Anyone can make a referral by contacting a member of the building SAP team.

Are referrals confidential? Will this go in my file?
The entire SAP process is confidential, and is completely voluntary -- it may be stopped at any time. A SAP referral does not become part of the student's cumulative file, and does not go on to colleges or employers. The process is designed to support students and families, and is not disciplinary in any way.

What resources are available to students who go through the SAP process?
After the SAP team receives a referral and reviews objective information about the student, the team may make recommendations for appropriate school-based or community-based supports or interventions. The SAP teams in Centennial work with a community agency, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania. If a student is referred for an assessment with The Council, the student may receive recommendations for additional or ongoing community-based supports, which may include private counseling, classes, support groups, etc. For more information about The Council, please click on the link provided: The Council of Southeast PA

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