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It's OKAY to help with your child's homework

Children need many "tools" to complete homework. You can provide some of these at home. For example,

1. Supervision and support... and don't forget to check Skyward regularly

2. A quiet place to study

3. Someone to hold flash cares and give quizzes.

4. Sample questions to promote learning

5. Compliments. "You are working so hard! I'm proud of you!"

Below are two excellent articles, one from the PA Department of Education and the other is from KidsHealth from Nemours.

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How To Help Your Child Complete Their Homework - YouTube

Helping Shy Middle Schoolers

So many changes happen in middle school that even the most well-adjusted children can feel disoriented. Children who are slower to fit in can have an especially difficult time. Here are some ways to support a child who feels out of place:

. Assure your child of your unconditional love for him/her. An adolescent who doesn't keep up with their peers socially may lose self confidence. They need to know that home is a reliable, safe, loving place. Look for opportunities to compliment his/her success!

. Listen to your child's concerns. Make time to talk with her each day. Two good opportunities are in the car and just before sleep when the lights are off. Your child may open up more if she doesn't have to make eye contact.

. Encourage your child's interests. Maybe she's still into her rock collection while peers are into music and boys. Ask questions about their hobbies. Show that you value what he/she likes. Look for group activities your child might enjoy, such as being part of a club or team.

Helping a Shy Student Adjust to School: Tips for Parents Activities for Shy Kids: Why Groups are Better Shy Child: Is It ADHD, ADD, or LD? | ADHD Experts Blog

For more suggestions, please see the link below:

Helping with Body Image Concerns

The term "in the eye of the beholder" is probably never truer than with early adolescents. Children during these years experience tremendous changes in their physical development, and unfortunately these changes are not uniform and enormous differences exist among middle schoolers. Their size and weight is a source of constant worriment, as well as the shape and contour of their nose and ears. Their anxiety is further heightened by crooked teeth and/or acne that to them are so large and prominent that it could be a reason not to attend school or activities.

Parents can serve as a mirror for their children during these rough times. Take the time and energy to consider your comments and realize your child's dismay can help shatter the "fun house mirror" perception of themselves and their friends.

. Don't comment on looks... do compliment on performance.

. Don't tease... do be sensitive to their changing physique.

. Don't disregard a specific appearance issue... do consult a dermatologist or an orthodontist if necessary.

. Don't dodge questions about mature issues or refer them to the other parent... do remember that boys need information about girls and vice versa!

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Celebrate Every Body Week | Body positivity, Positive body image ...

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